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The fact that we create something from nothing is a thrill by itself. Being a video editor became a very popular job in the last years. With the constant rise of digital content we consume, someone has to edit all of that.

This highly creative job is not for everyone though. From experience, I can tell there are for sure people who like to create the content, but not edit it afterwards. I have met many people who were a one-man army, but soon realised they simply don’t have enough time and energy to do it all. This is where we (video editors) come into play.

Let’s look at some pros of being a video editor.

Pros of being a video editor

  • Editors can work indoors
  • You can make decent money as an editor
  • Content editors can work remotely
  • You can start a side hustle
  • Decent job prospects
  • Increasing demand for content editors
  • Working as an editor is not that stressful (well, mostly)
  • Editors don’t have to work many extra hours
  • You don’t have to work in the evening or at nighttime (although many editors prefer nighttime)
  • Content editors enjoy a good work-life balance
  • You can avoid physical work as a content editor
  • You can help out your family and friends (this is more of a burden than a pro)
  • You can start your own content business

It is not just flowers and a perfect work-life-balance. Let’s also look at some cons.

Cons of being a video editor

  • Content editors will not get rich
  • You may have to deal with large income swings
  • Unfortunately many jobs are outsourced to low-wage countries
  • Relatively low social status of editors
  • You will not learn many hard skills
  • Difficult to switch fields for editors
  • You will have to sit in front of a computer quite often (yup, can agree)
  • Lack of social interaction can be frustrating
  • You may get bored with editing in the long run
  • Limited promotion opportunities for editors
  • You often need a college degree for becoming an editor (I would disagree with this one, especially these days it does not matter as much)

Should you become a video editor?

Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of being an editor, you have to decide for yourself whether an editing career is the right way to go for you or if you rather want to inform yourself about other job options instead.

As I stated in the previous article → “Why outsourcing video content production is a good idea for your business”, many people/companies started to outsource video content production so they can solely focus on their business, but at the same time can receive final videos that tick all of their boxes.

Bottom line

We like what we do. We are good at what we do. We are proud of our work. I wouldn’t change this profession. Creative work such as this works for me, for us as a company and we will keep delivering amazing products to clients.


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